Our History


Established in 1840 in Fukuoka prefecture as a cotton brokerage and provider of futon containing bow-carded cotton, Otafukuwata is in its 175th year of business as of 2015. Our cotton production has expanded alongside the growth of the industry through the Edo, Meiji, Taisho, and Showa periods, and we continue to create products with a particular focus on cotton.


Our Goal


Cotton is a natural plant fiber that is people and eco-friendly. It’s one of the first fibers a newborn baby comes into contact with. High in absorbency and retention, this material is pleasant to the touch, and many clothes and towels used in our daily lives are made of 100% cotton. Nationally recognized, highly skilled futon craftsmen use this beloved material to hand craft each and every one of our futons with extreme care and attention to detail. Customers around the world use our zabuton cushions, small miscellany items made from cotton, and bags, as we strive to pursue the warmth, comfort, and functionality of cotton in all our creations.