Using high-end cotton, nationally recognized futon craftsmen hand-made each and every futon with extreme care. Cotton is a natural plant fi ber that’s gentle on the body, and is extremely comfortable to sleep in.


Zabuton Cushion

Nationally recognized futon craftsmen diligently crafted this 100% cotton zabuton cushion. With an eye-catching modern pattern, it can be used on chairs or the couch.


Zafu & Zabuton

The best set of zafu and zafuton that support your meditation. It is hand-made by futon craftsman and super comfortable to sit.


Tablet Case

A tablet case made with beautifully designed material, stuffed carefully with cotton by futon craftsmen. The button clasp gives it a unique charm.


Zabuton Cushion Bag

A canvas bag featuring a detachable, handmade zabuton cushion. It comes in extremely handy when out watching sports, or sitting on a stiff bench while out for a walk.


Otafuku Tote

A high quality canvas tote with a large Otafukuwata logo design. It’s sure to bring a smile to anyone who uses or sees it.